Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

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Domestic violence is a serious offence in Canada. Such misconduct not only poses a threat to the victim but leaves a profound impact on the wider community. To combat this issue, Canadian legislation explicitly highlights a zero tolerance policy towards domestic violence. Penalties for domestic violence are enforced based on the severity of the act.

What Is Immediate Driving Suspension?

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Our actions, whether good or bad, have consequences. Driving while impaired or intoxicated can have severe ramifications on your criminal and driving record. Immediate driving suspension occurs when a member of law enforcement, like a police officer, instantly retains your driver's license for driving while intoxicated. This suspension prohibits you from operating motor vehicles for

Prominent Vancouver Lawyer Gets Law Society of B.C. Award

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The Law Society of B.C. has released a video tribute to one of the province’s top criminal defence lawyers in recognition of his “extraordinary” contributions to the legal community. The tribute to the career of Leonard Doust was produced due to the fact that a dinner to present the Law Society Award 2020 to him

Domestic Violence Charges During COVID-19

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Although there are talks of reopening the BC courts soon, there is still uncertainty about when that will happen. If you were charged with domestic violence and are awaiting trial during the Coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering what that means for your case. There may be extreme delays in your case Domestic violence charges

Mistakes to avoid when hiring a criminal lawyer

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If you’ve been charged with a crime, you should hire a criminal lawyer right away. The sooner you have a legal professional working on your case, the stronger your defence will be. However, although you should act quickly to hire a criminal lawyer, the decision still requires careful consideration. Here are common mistakes to avoid

Should You Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer for a Domestic Assault in Vancouver?

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Domestic assault is a serious criminal offence. If convicted in Vancouver, you could be imprisoned for up to 5 years. There could also be other restrictions enforced as part of your sentence. Furthermore, a conviction for domestic assault could seriously damage your reputation. Following a conviction, you may find that it is more difficult to

Reasons You Should Hire a Drug Defence Lawyer

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If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related offence in Vancouver, you may be wondering if you should hire a Vancouver drug defence lawyer. The answer is yes. Drug crimes in Vancouver are serious offences with potentially life-long consequences. If you are facing a drug charge, here some ways a drug defence lawyer may be able

Should You Hire a Traffic Offence Ticket Lawyer?

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You may think that when you commit a traffic offence you will simply need to pay a fine and then go about your merry way. However, some traffic offences in British Columbia can also have serious consequences with long-term effects. So, while you don’t need a lawyer to dispute every traffic offence, you should hire

Reasons You Should Hire a Criminal Defence Lawyer

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Have you been accused or charged with a criminal offence? If so, then you should seriously consider hiring a criminal defence lawyer and here’s why: Criminal defence lawyers are trained, knowledgeable and experienced to help you. An accused person has the right to defend him or herself in criminal court. However, to do so

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