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Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer will help you get the best possible outcome, no matter what kind of issue you are facing.

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Vancouver Trial Lawyer Tom Doust has acquired his expertise through 20 years of doing trial work. Mr. Doust handles all criminal matters, not just the serious or indictable ones, recognizing that a criminal charge or criminal investigation can be the most traumatic and serious situation that a person can face.

He has worked with and against the most notable counsel in our province, appearing in most Provincial and Supreme Courts with an unparalleled track record and repeat clients. He has handled many serious files over the years, including murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, trafficking drugs, major frauds and alleged sex crimes.

Whatever your crime, Tom will personally handle your case and put his experience and reputation to work protecting your rights and getting you the best possible outcome.

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Tom’s Core Values

Tom Doust Trial Lawyer Vancouver

British Columbia Trial Lawyer

Having an experienced criminal defence lawyer will help you get the best possible outcome, no matter what kind of issue you are facing.

Whether you need a drug defence lawyer, traffic/speeding ticket lawyer, or the victim of an assault. Tom will challenge the evidence and work diligently to get the best possible outcome. Get his experience and reputation working for you.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to know all of your options. Contact trial lawyer Mr. Doust now to set up a free consultation to discuss the potential defences to your case.


Other Practice Areas

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer Tom Doust defends clients charged with any criminal offence. In addition to drug/marijuana offences, violent crimes (i.e. domestic, assault, murder, etc), and traffic violations/speeding tickets, trial lawyer Mr. Doust has the expertise and regularly practices in all the following areas:

  • Fraud / Identity Theft (Including Securities Act Offences): Mr. Doust has handled many fraud cases, ranging from credit card fraud in the millions to bad cheques.

  • Corporate / White Collar Crimes: Mr. Doust is experienced with the nuances of defending Corporations and has defended a number of them.

  • Customs / Border Issues: Available 24 hrs/day for any charges/detentions.

  • Drunk Driving: As a law student Mr. Doust defended his first impaired driving case in 1994 and has handled a great number of these since. He has worked with alcohol absorption experts and has incorporated well-developed methods and tactics for handling them.

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: Mr. Doust has significant trial experience in these matters. These include the most serious driving offences in which death has occurred. He has access to recognized, professional accident Reconstruction Engineers/Accident Analysts and other experts who aide him in aggressively defending you.

  • Bail Matters: Mr. Doust is an experienced bail court counsel. He has successfully obtained bail for all but a few of his client’s over the years. He has successfully obtained bail for numerous clients in Supreme Court when they were unjustly detained in lower court. Mr. Doust is available 24 hrs/day by phone and can often appear on short notice for bail hearings the next day, even when out of town.

  • Administrative and Regulatory Offences (including Securities Law)

  • Weapon Offences

  • Hunting and Fishing Violations

  • Property Crimes

  • Kidnapping / Unlawful Confinement

  • Uttering Threats

  • Criminal Harassment

  • Extortion

  • Arson

  • Home Invasion

  • Return of Seized Money / Property

  • Administrative Driving Prohibitions

Tom Doust's Law Office remains fully operational during the COVID-19 health emergency. Our commitment to providing excellent client service is still a priority.