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A hit and run, also known as failure to remain, occurs when a motorist flees an accident scene.

A driver must remain at the scene of an accident or immediately return. Additionally, the driver has a duty to provide assistance if needed. Following an accident, drivers must also exchange personal information, driver’s licence and licence plate numbers, and relevant insurance details. If a driver was operating a vehicle belonging to someone else, they must provide information for the motor vehicle’s registered owner.

Penalties and fines

It is a criminal offence to flee the scene of an accident. It is also an offence under the Motor Vehicle Act. Under the Motor Vehicle Act, there is a $368 fine for fleeing the scene of an accident. A violation under the Criminal Code can lead to a summary or indictable conviction. Summary convictions carry a fine of up to $2,000, a prison term of up to six months, or both. A person convicted of an indictable offence can face up to 10 years in prison.

A hit and run can also result in the suspension of your licence. Fleeing the scene of an accident can result in your licence being suspended for one to three years or indefinitely based on your driving record.

Appealing a Hit and Run Charge

If you are facing charges for a hit and run, you should consult a hit and run lawyer immediately.

For you to be found guilty of a hit and run, the police must show that you intentionally fled the scene of an accident. But if you were unaware of the accident, your lawyer can present evidence to prove this. If you knowingly left the scene of an accident, your lawyer might be able to secure a plea arrangement in exchange for less severe penalties.

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