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Drug Charges

Notable Cases

Accused charged with Dial-A-Dope operation

Langley RCMP performed surveillance on 8 accused over an extended period of time. Accused was identified on video surveillance selling to undercover officers.


Following a preliminary inquiry, client’s charges were stayed after crown was convinced there was insufficient evidence to proceed against client at trial.


All Charges stayed for Tom Doust’s client only.

Accused charged with unlawfully producing a controlled substance (marijuana) and possession for the purpose of trafficking

Langley RCMP responded to a report by a potential property buyer that the accused and three other males were in a barn on a vacant property that was for sale. RCMP attended and witnessed males running off the property. Langley RCMP noticed a strong odour of growing marijuana coming from the barn. It was estimated at trial to be approximately 2000 pounds of marijuana.


Crown decided shortly before the trial not to proceed after counsel convinced them they weren’t likely to succeed at trial.


All charges stayed.

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