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Drug Defence Lawyer Serving Vancouver & All of BC

As an experienced and knowledgeable Vancouver drug defence lawyer, Mr. Doust represents clients facing all criminal charges related to drugs, including drug possession, drug trafficking, marijuana cultivation, etc.

Drug Manufacturing Offences

When facing serious drug trafficking/manufacturing charges, you need a defence lawyer experienced in these matters right away. The drug defence lawyer you hire could make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Mr. Doust has successfully defended many serious drug related files.

Production of Marijuana & Civil Forfeiture Applications

If convicted of this offence it no longer means a fine, or even a conditional jail sentence. Federal Crown Counsel will seek jail time. Also, even if you are only charged with production and the plants are in your home, you could potentially face an Application by the Crown in Civil Court to have your property forfeited. You need to retain the best drug defence lawyer you can. Mr. Doust is experienced with such matters and is well established to defend your rights.

Drug Possession Offences

A drug possession conviction, even one as seemingly minor such as marijuana possession, can carry significant stigma and consequences. When you’ve been accused of a drug possession crime, you should take advantage of your right to seek legal counsel. As an experienced drug defence lawyer, Mr. Doust offers immediate, knowledgeable advice based on years of experience so that you can make informed decisions about your particular matter.

Serving & Defending You against Drug Charges

Mr. Doust prides himself on doing his best for every client. He thoroughly prepares your case for trial, instructs and informs you on your options, challenges the prosecution’s case and explores all avenues for resolving your case. Hiring the right lawyer is vital to your defence on any drug charge. Mr. Doust has established himself as a successful trial lawyer handling a comprehensive range of offences, putting determined advocacy, trial experience and preparation to work for you. See recent examples of recent drug cases handled by Mr. Doust.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to know all of your options. Contact trial lawyer Tom Doust now to set up a free consultation to discuss the potential defences to your case.