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The ability to drive in Canada is not a right but a privilege that should be taken seriously. Statistics suggest that if you are a driver, you’re likely to face prosecution at some level relating to the operation of a motor vehicle under either the Criminal Code or the Motor Vehicle Act.

Poor driving can result in consequences that range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the infraction.

Driving offences in Vancouver

The most common offence in Vancouver is impaired driving, for which a driver may face immediate roadside prohibition (IRP). With IRP, drivers are subject to a 90-day driving prohibition, interlocking devices installed in their vehicles, as well as significant fines.

If charged for impaired driving, your first conviction may result in a one-year suspension of your license. A second conviction can result in a three-year licence suspension. Three or more convictions mean you may face an indefinite licence suspension, which will dictate that you must wait a minimum of 5 years to reapply for a driver’s licence. This five-year period can be extended if you fail to comply with the conditions set by the courts.

Depending on the circumstances, you may also face jail time for impaired driving. Other driving offences for which a conviction may result in imprisonment include dangerous driving, vehicular homicide, failure to stop at the scene of an accident, failure to comply with a demand intended to determine your ability to operate a motor vehicle and evading arrest.

Vancouver driving offences lawyer

The laws governing driving offences are complicated and require a legal team that is knowledgeable in dealing with such matters. If you find yourself in trouble with the law for a driving offence in Vancouver, contact us at the law office of Tom Doust.

With years of experience handling traffic violations, we are your best option to mount a successful defence. We handle all types of driving offences, including DUIs or impaired driving, driving without valid insurance, street racing, driving with a suspended licence, dangerous driving resulting in injury or death, and more.

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