Driving Without Insurance

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Under the Motor Vehicle Act of BC, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle without insurance. But there are still many uninsured drivers.

Driving without insurance offences

If you are pulled over by police and cannot provide proof of insurance, you can be charged with one of three offencesꓽ

  1. Driving without insurance
  2. Failure to produce insurance documents
  3. Failure to display a decal on your licence plate

Tickets and notices

If the police stop you while driving without insurance, the officer may issue a violation ticket, an appearance notice or a summons.

A violation ticket outlines the charges against you, is usually straightforward, and does not require you to appear in court. However, if you have a poor driving record or previous insurance-related charges, you will receive an appearance notice or a summons. An appearance notice and summons are generally issued months after your interaction with the police and are sent via mail.


Although you don’t receive penalty points against your licence for driving without insurance, there are fines for doing so.

The penalties for driving without insurance vary based on the actual charge.

  • There is a fine of $598 for the charge of driving without insurance.
  • Failing to produce insurance documents is a less serious charge and carries a fine of $81.
  • Failing to display a decal on your licence plate carries a fine of $109.

Pleading guilty to the charges against you means you will pay the fines and move on. However, the charges will remain on your record. You also have the option of pleading not guilty or disputing the total of the charges. You have 30 days in which to file a dispute.

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