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Cell phone-related traffic offences are considered hazardous driving infractions in BC. As such, they come with significant consequences.

The minimum penalty for using an electronic device whilst driving is a fine of $368 and a mandatory four points against your driving record.

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Among the cell phone-related offences are “using an electronic device while driving” and “texting or emailing while driving.”
With respect to the offence of “using a cell phone while driving,” the term “use” has a very broad definition under the law. The word “use” refers to a driver holding the device, operating its functions, communicating through the device, or watching the screen. So, for instance, if you glance at your phone screen to read a text message whilst driving, this is classified as “use” of your phone.

A cell phone-related ticket added to your driving record can also result in the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles barring you from driving for several months.

If you are a part of the graduated licensing program, you are prohibited from using any form of electronic devices whatsoever whilst driving, even if you are using hands-free mode. Even one cell phone-related ticket is likely to result in a multi-month driving prohibition if not successfully disputed.

On the other hand, if you are a driver with a Class Five or Class One driver’s licence, a single cell phone-related ticket is less likely to result in you being banned from driving. This, though, only applies if you have an otherwise good track record and have not committed any other high-risk transgressions over the past year.

If you, for example, receive and fail to successfully dispute a second ticket for a high-risk driving offence within a year, you are liable to be prohibited from driving for a period ranging from three to 12 months.

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Generally, drastic consequences can arise from cell phone-related tickets. We, therefore, recommend you make every effort to dispute them all. If you need help to dispute a cell phone ticket in Vancouver, we can help at the law office of Tom Doust.

Please note you only have 30 days from the date you received your ticket to dispute it. Do not delay. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our cell phone ticket lawyer to discuss your case.

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