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A driving prohibition can disrupt your life. It can limit your freedom and mobility and make your day-to-day tasks unnecessarily difficult.

If you rely on your car to make a living, a driving prohibition could affect your ability to earn income, causing significant financial loss.

Driving prohibitions in Vancouver

In BC, there are many different ways you can be prohibited or suspended from driving. In addition to prohibitions, under the Motor Vehicle Act, hefty fines might also be imposed. Added to that, the police and other traffic authorities can take your driver’s licence even before they prove in court that you did anything wrong.

Driving prohibitions may also be accompanied by several other detrimental consequences, including the loss of your car insurance. Additionally, there may be substantial financial penalties associated with reinstating your driver’s licence and insurance policy.

Even worse, you could end up having a driving prohibition applied to your permanent driving record, which could affect you for the rest of your life.
When a driving prohibition has been imposed, the likelihood of getting another, longer prohibition is also much greater. And some driving prohibitions can result in jail time.

That said, each category of driving prohibition or licence suspension may be successfully challenged. However, it is wise to note that the rules are very different for each category. Therefore, you need to retain a lawyer with the right expertise to represent you.

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