If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related offence in Vancouver, you may be wondering if you should hire a Vancouver drug defence lawyer. The answer is yes. Drug crimes in Vancouver are serious offences with potentially life-long consequences. If you are facing a drug charge, here some ways a drug defence lawyer may be able to help:

Drug defence lawyers understand criminal law

To successfully fight a drug charge, you will need the best legal representation possible. If you choose to go to court alone, you won’t be able to effectively defend yourself against the charges. When you hire a reputable Vancouver drug defence lawyer, you get an advocate with the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to present a strong legal defence in your drug matter. Lawyers themselves hire criminal defence lawyers when they are facing criminal charges. So, why would you go through the process alone?

A drug defence lawyer will protect your rights

An experienced Vancouver drug defence lawyer will examine whether there was any violation of your rights to bring about the drug charge. For example, if you were charged after an unlawful police stop, an illegal seizure of your property, or if your Charter (privacy) rights were disregarded, your drug defence lawyer may find grounds for the charges against you to be dismissed. If you hire a drug defence lawyer before you have been formally charged, his or her intervention may even help you to avoid charges in the first place.

Drug defence lawyers are expert negotiators

If you are planning to plead guilty to the drug charge against you, you should still hire a drug defence lawyer. He or she may advise you to plead not guilty initially. This may allow for the prosecution to offer you a plea deal with a lesser charge or sentence in exchange for your guilty plea. Your drug defence lawyer will negotiate with the prosecution in an effort to reach an agreement for the most lenient consequence permissible in your matter.

Do you need a Vancouver drug defence lawyer?

If you are in search of an experienced drug defence lawyer in Vancouver, give us a call at Tom Doust Criminal Law. Do you have questions about how a drug conviction may affect your job, future employment opportunities, ability to travel overseas or child custody? We can answer those questions and more. At Tom Doust Criminal Law, we understand the impact a drug conviction can have on your life. That is why our drug defence lawyer, Tom Doust is committed to providing you with expert legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

For over 20 years, Tom Doust has served the residents of British Columbia. During his career as a drug defence trial lawyer, Tom Doust has worked with and against some of the most recognized names in the legal field. He has successfully fought drug charges including drug possession, drug trafficking, drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug cultivation and other matters.

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