Have you been accused or charged with a criminal offence? If so, then you should seriously consider hiring a criminal defence lawyer and here’s why:

Criminal defence lawyers are trained, knowledgeable and experienced to help you. An accused person has the right to defend him or herself in criminal court. However, to do so effectively you must understand the law, know the legal issues and how to best work the legal system. When you hire a criminal defence lawyer you hope to get an advocate with the requisite skill, knowledge and experience to present sound and persuasive legal arguments and tackle any particularly complicated legal problems your defence may require.

Your criminal defence lawyer will strive to exert your best interest If the police have contacted you about questioning in relation to crime it is a good idea to contact a criminal lawyer right away. There are many who will speak to you initially for no charge and that may be all the help you need. What you say to a criminal defence lawyer in these circumstances is protected by legal privilege. The lawyer cannot disclose what you told them. Once you have reason to believe you are being investigated in relation to a criminal offence a defence lawyer can then accept your financial retainer and start advising you immediately. So you have no reason not to be safe and protect yourself.

A really good example of the need arising unexpectedly can be a car accident. The investigating officer on scene suspects you are at fault and maybe your conduct was not just negligent but possibly criminal. They are investigating you now and some quick specialized legal advice could be the difference between getting charged criminally or not. The result here for you could range from nothing at all, to a ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act of BC, to a Criminal Code offence and if convicted ICBC does not cover you at all. They would likely come after you for anything they had to pay out as a result of your conduct. People do get virtually wiped out financially from this. Oh, and of course you will lose your driver’s licence.

Often if police suspect you have done a crime they will focus on you, gathering evidence to support that opinion. You may end up saying something incriminating in response to them and that may be used against to support a charge a prosecution and maybe a conviction. It may have been a different result had you simply exercised your right to silence. Maybe give a statement later time with the advice of counsel.

If your case ends up in court, the prosecutor has the objective or responsibility to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The Judge or jury must be impartial and unbiased and make a decision based solely on the evidence presented. The only person in the justice system exclusively on your side is your criminal defence lawyer. An experienced criminal attorney may be able to have your charges dramatically reduced or even dismissed.

Criminal defence lawyers are expert negotiators

Not all criminal files end with a trial determining guilt or not. Most criminal matters end in a negotiated settlement called a plea bargain. At some point during your case, it may be in your best interest to negotiate with the prosecution. A criminal attorney is obliged to tell you to do so if that is their opinion. Attorneys know what the law is and know what are the appropriate consequences or sentences are for certain crimes in certain circumstances. They also tend to develop a certain rapport with prosecutors with which they may have dealt with before. With their experience, criminal defence lawyers gain an understanding of the way prosecutors must operate and how they might view a case such as yours. These things may all prove helpful in a legal negotiation.

A criminal lawyer can often get your charges reduced

A plea bargain or negotiated agreement can be the best result in some instances. For argument sake, you did commit the crime which you’re accused of doing and the prosecution’s case against you seems very strong. In these circumstances, the consequences you face may depend on negotiation. However even if your case seems hopeless, you have confessed to police a good criminal defence lawyer will work and try to find a way to have the charges reduced. Sometimes they can even find loopholes or gaps in the evidence that can lead to your case being dismissed.

A prosecutor could convince a judge or jury of your guilt even if you did not commit the crime

You may think you do not need a criminal defence lawyer because you are not guilty. However, there are many people who have been imprisoned in Canada and elsewhere for crimes later demonstrated they did not commit. So, why would you take the chance?

Do you need a criminal defence lawyer from Vancouver?

No, but it is the biggest and most competitive spot in B and arguably outside Toronto. If you are looking for an experienced criminal defence lawyer from Vancouver or in British Columbia, give Mr. Doust a call. For over 20 years Tom has been defending residents of British Columbia in courthouses all across the Province. As a trial lawyer, Tom Doust has worked beside and against some of the most recognized names in law in BC. He has successfully represented accused persons in cases involving alleged crimes of violence, weapons and firearms offences, extortion, drug offences, fraud offences, kidnapping, money laundering and most other matters listed in the criminal code.

When you select Mr. Doust, your initial consultation is free, and moving forward, fees will be calculated based on services provided. However, if you are more comfortable paying on an hourly basis, we are flexible and can arrange for that as well. We will even create a payment plan if need be. If you are reading this because you need legal advice do not hesitate to call Tom now.