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Driving above the legal speed limit, usually determined by a police radar check, can result in a speeding ticket.

When issuing a speeding ticket, the police will consider how far over the limit a motorist was travelling and whether the infraction occurred in a school or construction zone. You may also receive a ticket for driving at the posted speed limit in poor conditions.

Penalties of speeding

In BC, driving 20 km/hr over the speed limit will result in a $138 ticket. Driving more than 40 km/hr over the speed limit is considered excessive speeding, which can result in fines ranging from $368 to $483—the fines for speeding in a school or construction zone range from $196 to $483. A speeding violation may also result in the immediate impounding of your vehicle, the cost of which you will have to shoulder.

In addition to a fine and the possibility of your vehicle being impounded, a speeding ticket will cause penalty points to be added to your licence.

Should you dispute a speeding ticket?

It is always recommended that you dispute a ticket, whether you believe you have a strong case or not. You have 30 days, from the date you receive a ticket, to file a dispute.

Accumulating too many penalty points can result in increased insurance premiums and, eventually, licence suspension. Successfully disputing a ticket will remove the penalty points and the consequences they carry.

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