An intentional or reckless fire or dangerous use of explosives can be considered arson. Fire is unpredictable and can cause enormous danger to property and human life. Because of its potential for damage, even small fires are generally taken seriously by the courts.

There are five arson offences:

  1. A fire set that causes bodily harm or being reckless as to whether the property is occupied by one or more people.
  2. A fire set intentionally or recklessly that causes damage to another’s property.
  3. A fire set to your own property that causes damage and seriously threatens the health, safety, or property of another person.
  4. A fire set with the intent of committing fraud such as collecting insurance money that causes damage to property.
  5. Allowing a fire to get out of control and cause bodily harm to another person by being negligent.

Defending an arson charge

A team of specialists will be tasked with determining the cause and reason of a fire in a large arson case. This will create a complicated array of expert evidence and police reports. A good defence lawyer will be able to interpret these reports and other information to build a case and target any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

A review of the reports generated by the investigation will likely focus on the following areas:

  • Will there be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that someone started the fire or explosion?
  • Are there any eyewitnesses and are they reliable or trustworthy?
  • Are there any other people that may have a motive to start a fire?
  • Does the cause of the fire have a credible alternative explanation?

Someone charged with arson could face a maximum jail sentence of 10 years, 14 years, or life depending on the type of arson charged. An order will likely be made that the victims are paid in full for the damage caused by the fire or explosion.

The consequences of an arson charge can be too serious to deal with alone. An experienced criminal defence lawyer can help ensure the best case is made. The amount of damage someone charged will be obligated to pay may be able to be reduced or a plea may be arranged to less serious charges.

If you’ve been charged with a serious criminal offense such as arson, it’s important to have a criminal defence lawyer thoroughly review your case.

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