About Thomas B. Doust:

Tom Doust’s longtime office is located at Suite 812-938 Howe Street, in Vancouver, BC, right across the street from The Law Courts in downtown Vancouver. Mr. Doust’s practice is also Province wide.

Mr. Doust entered the practice of law in British Columbia in 1995. He was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and has almost exclusively practiced criminal law since he was called to the Bar. The Doust family actually has 3 lawyers. Tom and his brother Stephen (now working with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) are both lawyers and their father Leonard T. Doust, Q.C. is considered by many to be one of the finest litigators/courtroom lawyers this province has ever enjoyed.

Having my father as a mentor, a teacher and a resource for all these years has shaped me as a lawyer and assisted my clients immeasurably; the man has 50 years of trial experience.

Thomas B. Doust

Tom Doust has acquired his expertise through 20 years of doing trial work. He has worked with and against the most notable counsel in our province. Mr. Doust has appeared in most Provincial and Supreme Courts around the Province. He has handled many serious files over the years, including murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, trafficking drugs, major frauds and alleged sex crimes.

about thomas b doust

Out of all of Mr. Doust’s clients some are return, while most are new referrals. Many of Mr. Doust’s clients come through referrals from other lawyers who do not practice in the same areas. But those lawyers know and trust Mr. Doust to refer friends and clients to him. By and large most of new clientes come from referrals of clients Mr. Doust has acted for over the years.

Mr. Doust has compiled an impressive list of experts at his disposal including polygraph examiners, psychiatrists, private investigators, forensic financial investigators, video enhancement and data imaging professionals, accident reconstructionists and engineers.

Mr. Doust handles all criminal matters, not just the serious or indictable ones. Mr. Doust realizes that often a criminal charge or criminal investigations can be the most traumatic and serious situations that a person can face.

Mr. Doust has expanded his practice of late. He now is accepting clients in general litigation matters and in drug/marijuana offences, violent crimes, and traffic violations/speeding tickets, while also providing expertise in and incorporates a regular practice in a variety of other areas as well. See a comprehensive list of regions served by Tom Doust.

about thomas b doust

Thomas Doust