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Tom Doust has acquired his expertise through 20 years of doing trial work. Mr. Doust handles all criminal matters, not just the serious or indictable ones, recognizing that a criminal charge or criminal investigation can be the most traumatic and serious situation that a person can face.

He has worked with and against the most notable counsel in our province, appearing in most Provincial and Supreme Courts with an unparalleled track record and repeat clients. He has handled many serious files over the years, including murder, kidnapping, aggravated assault, trafficking drugs, major frauds and alleged sex crimes.

Whatever your crime, Tom will personally handle your case and put his experience and reputation to work protecting your rights and getting you the best possible outcome.


  • Crimes of violence – (assault – all types)

  • Domestic assault – (810 peace bond)

  • Spousal assault – (810 peace bond)

  • Sexual assault

  • Sexual offences

  • Uttering threats

  • Criminal harassment

  • Driving while prohibited

  • Driving while suspended

  • Drunk driving / over .08 / Refusal

  • Property crimes

  • Return of seized money / property

  • Weapon & firearm offences

  • Drug offences (possession / trafficking)

  • Marijuana grow operation

  • Home invasion

  • Extortion

  • Kidnapping / Unlawful confinement

  • Fraud / Identity theft


Drug Crimes | Tom Doust Criminal Defence Lawyer

Drug Crimes

As an experienced drug defence lawyer, Mr. Doust represents clients facing all criminal charges related to drugs, including drug possession, drug trafficking, marijuana cultivation, etc.

Gun Crimes of Violence | Tom Doust Criminal Defence Lawyer

Crimes of Violence

Violent crime defence should demand the attention of an experienced and capable lawyer that understands how to prepare cases for trial. Whether you are defending charges of assault, domestic violence, murder/manslaughter, kidnapping etc.

Drink Traffic Offences | Tom Doust Criminal Defence Lawyer

Traffic Offences

Are you looking for experienced counsel to help you stay on the road or keep your driving record as clean as possible? Whether you live in Vancouver or anywhere in BC, Tom Doust is here to help you with any driving concern you have.

If you are facing criminal charges, you need to know all of your options. Contact trial lawyer Tom Doust now to set up a free consultation to discuss the potential defences to your case.