Need a Criminal Lawyer

Have you been accused of a crime and are facing a court case? Are you worried about what you could lose? An experienced criminal lawyer can assist you through the entire judicial process and help protect your legal rights.

If you are facing criminal charges, here are some ways a criminal lawyer may be able to help:

Criminal lawyers understand the judicial system

Criminal Lawyer

The criminal justice system is complex and overwhelming, especially when you are handling the emotional impacts of criminal charges. An experienced criminal lawyer understands court case procedures and can guide you through the judicial system. They have the knowledge and skills to help ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Throughout a criminal case, there are legal hurdles, 0/paperwork, deadlines, and procedures that will be difficult for you to manage. By hiring a criminal lawyer, you have the support of a knowledgeable professional who can handle the important, detailed work that is necessary for your case.

Criminal lawyers assess risk and effectively negotiate

The Crown Attorney in your case could choose to proceed with the matter in several ways. The prosecutor may present a plea bargain for you to accept or reject, or they may decide to move forward with a trial. A skilled criminal lawyer will help you understand your legal options.

If a plea bargain is offered, a lawyer can provide information on the ramifications of accepting or rejecting the offer. Should you decide to accept the plea bargain, your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible deal. Not only does a criminal lawyer have knowledge of similar cases and outcomes, but they will also have relationships with judges and prosecutors. With this insight,  they will know the best way to approach negotiations so that your case receives a more positive conclusion.

A criminal lawyer will protect your rights and future

Even when facing criminal charges, you still have rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedom. An experienced criminal lawyer will ensure your rights have not been breached, for example, through improperly obtained evidence or tactics used in court by the prosecutor.

A criminal lawyer can help save you money

Cost is the number reason many individuals facing criminal charges avoid hiring a lawyer. But did you know a criminal lawyer could help save you money? Having an experienced lawyer on your side can reduce the amount of time it takes for your case to proceed through the legal system, which would, in turn, lead to lower legal fees and court costs. Additionally, convictions for certain crimes carry hefty fines, but a criminal lawyer could have those penalties reduced or they may be able to have the charges dismissed, eliminating any fines. A lawyer can also help you keep your job and professional licenses, thereby protecting your earning potential.

Do you need a criminal lawyer in Vancouver?

Hiring a Vancouver criminal lawyer provides you with the best legal defense when navigating the criminal justice system.

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