Criminal cases are complex matters that can have life-changing consequences. For that reason, you should hire a criminal defence lawyer if you are facing charges for a crime.

Having an experienced lawyer on your side will increase the likelihood of a favourable outcome in your case.

Types of criminal cases

Below are common types of cases criminal lawyers handle.

  1. Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence may result in penalties ranging from the suspension of your driver’s license to jail time. If you have a prior DUI conviction or an accident you were involved in resulted in an injury or death, the sentence will be more severe.

  1. Drug crimes

From the possession of a controlled substance to trafficking, drug crimes are serious criminal offences. Penalties for drug crimes include drug diversion programs, hefty fines, the loss of driving privileges, probation, and imprisonment. The penalties you face will depend on the type of controlled substance, the quantity, and the circumstances under which you are found in possession of the drug.

  1. Assault and battery

Causing someone harm or applying physical force on anyone deliberately is considered a crime. The sentence you receive will depend on the injury you caused the victim. If the victim was not harmed, the crime may be treated as a misdemeanour. If the victim was severely injured and you used a weapon for the crime, the court will treat the case as a felony.

  1. Domestic violence

Domestic violence refers to abuse perpetrated by anyone with a close relationship to the victim. Perpetrators of domestic violence could be a parent, child, spouse, partner or former partner. If you are found guilty of domestic violence, you could face up to 5 years in prison. You could also lose employment, visitation rights or child custody, and your reputation could be tarnished.

  1. Theft and robbery

Theft and robbery crimes include petty theft, grand larceny, auto theft and fraud. The severity of the case depends on the value of the stolen items and whether you have a previous record, used a weapon or caused an injury or death in the commission of the crime.

  1. Weapons crimes

Weapons crimes involve the illegal possession of a weapon or the use of a weapon to commit an offence. Weapons offences carry varying penalties depending on the type of weapon and the severity of the crime committed.

  1. Sex crimes

Sex crimes include indecent exposure, sexual harassment, rape, statutory rape, spousal rape, prostitution and child abuse. A conviction for a sex crime can carry severe penalties and can cause great harm to your reputation.

Vancouver criminal defence lawyer

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