When selecting a defence lawyer, careful consideration is required. But what happens after you have signed a retainer agreement and things aren’t working out as planned?

Here are five signs you should fire your defence lawyer.

  1. Lack of communication
    One major sign it may be time to part ways with your lawyer is a lack of communication. Lawyers or law firms have multiple clients; however, this is no excuse for not returning calls or addressing client concerns within a reasonable time. Your lawyer is required to keep you updated on any changes that may occur with your case.
  2. Lack of preparation
    If your lawyer is unprepared and disorganized, it may be time to find a different lawyer to handle your case. Defence lawyers can be quite pricey, and a disorganized or unprepared lawyer can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. Having such a lawyer also increases the likelihood of an unfavourable outcome in your case.
  3. Legal malpractice
    There are strict legal standards under which lawyers must operate. Malpractice occurs when lawyers fail to uphold these standards, and their actions hurt their clients. Malpractice can be intentional or unintentional.
    If your lawyer’s actions have negatively affected the outcome of your case, it might be considered malpractice, and you should hire a new lawyer to discuss your options.
  4. Unethical behaviour or misconduct
    Lawyers have a responsibility to act ethically. Legal misconduct is any unethical or illegal conduct by a lawyer. Misconduct includes mishandling funds, conflict of interest, breaching client confidentiality, or failing to inform clients of settlement offers. If your lawyer is guilty of any of these infractions, they are in breach of the code of ethics, and you should hire a new lawyer.
  5. Disagreement on how to proceed with your case
    A lawyer is your legal representative. As a result, they must always consider your wishes when handling your case. Your lawyer is legally obligated to present all offers and information regarding your case. However, if your lawyer is pressuring you to do something you are not comfortable with, you should consider finding a different lawyer to represent you. For example, your lawyer may pressure you to accept a deal while you may think the best course of action is to take your case to court. Although your lawyer is more familiar with the complex aspects of the law, ultimately, the final decision on how to proceed with the case lies with you, the client.

The process of firing your defence lawyer

If you have decided that it is time to fire your lawyer, here are four simple steps to followꓽ

  1. Review your existing contract.
  2. Find a new lawyer to represent you.
  3. Write a letter of termination.
  4. Inform the courts of the change.

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