Expert Contacts for Any Type of Case

To ensure your case’s defense is the strongest it can be, Mr. Doust has a lengthy list of expert contacts including: drug & alcohol experts, accident investigators & engineers, toxicologists, forensic psychiatrists, psychologists, fingerprint analysts, ballistics experts, blood spatter analysts, forensic pathologists, jury consultants, forensic accountants, toxicologists, polygraph services and more. Contact Mr. Doust to discuss your case and find out which experts might help your defense.

British Columbia Provincial Court Website –

The Provincial Court of BC is the first level of court in our province. This is where the majority of criminal cases are dealt with. The Provincial Court sits in communities throughout the province, including numerous locations in the lower mainland. Tom Doust appears regularly in all of these locations, but also serves other areas throughout BC. See all the regions Mr. Doust serves.

See a map of provincial court locations.

Decisions of the Provincial Court

Select judgments of the Provincial Court can be found on the Judgment Database. Lawyers use this database as well as private subscription databases and legal texts to locate analogous decisions to determine the best defense for their clients, and to ensure that the judge understands the state of the law.

Visit the BC Court of Appeal & Supreme Court Judgment Database.

Decisions of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court must be followed in BC courts. The Judgment Database contains all Court of Appeal decisions and select Supreme Court decisions.


CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. They maintain a search engine that provides access to a number of judgments of courts across Canada.

Visit the CanLII website.

Criminal Code of Canada Online

The Federal Department of Justice publishes the Criminal Code of Canada online with regular updates.

View the Criminal Code of Canada online.

BC Legislation

The government of BC publishes official, regularly updated versions of BC Statutes and Regulations at their new BC Laws website.

Visit BC Laws website.

Legal Services Society (LSS)

The LSS is the organization that provides legal aid in BC.

Visit the LSS website.